Meet our committee

Our managment committee is made up of parents, past parents and volunteers.

Their main aims are:

To employ staff and ensure their suitability.

To comply with legal and OFSTED regulations.

To support staff in their professional development.

To support and encourage the participation of parents in the education of their child.

To provide a link between staff, parents, the community and the pre-school.

To manage pre-school accounts and expenditure to ensure that we offer the best possible service.

To liase with local and national organisations on issues relating to the pre-school.

To fundraise though a wide range of community activities and events.


New members are always welcome, why not consider becoming a member.





Jo Hamilton
Connie Sapsford
Rebecca Murray

Parent & Other Members

Paula Balogun
Margaret Lenaghan
Sarah Nicholls
Helen Mockridge
Emma Snook